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Gateway Baptist Church recommends a number of resources for your spiritual growth and nurture.
Baptist Radio Network

Baptist Radio Network (BRN) is supported by
      local churches to broadcast quality content to
      radio stations and individuals around the world
      via the internet. You can see their schedule
      here or listen by clicking here.There are also
      apps for mobile devices.
Each day, Spurgeon's Daily Meditations
presents a morning and an evening devotion
from the famed 19th century Baptist preacher.
Despite the years, Spurgeon's preaching is as
relevant today as it was over 150 years ago. A
great was to start and end each day
Morning and
.Charles Spurgeon's
                                          Evangelist Dale Vance
                                          Meet evangelist Dale
                                          Vance and read the
                                          story of how God
                                          saved his alcoholic
                                          father and launched
                                          Brother Vance into a
                                          lifetime of service for
                                          God. A firebrand
                                          preacher, he is a
  full-time evangelist and a favorite speaker at
  Gateway Baptist Church.
Blue Letter Bible's mission is to facilitate an
in-depth study of God's Word. There is an
online interactive reference library that is
continuously updated from the teachings and
commentaries of selected pastors and teachers
plus over 680,000 content pages of resources.
WGCR is the radio station of Anchor Baptist
Church in Pisgah Forest, NC. The station broad-
casts locally on 720 AM but can also be heard
online with programs of traditional hymns,
conservative classic southern Gospel music and
some of America's finest Bible (KJV) preaching.

                 Central Baptist
                                        with ML Moser

      A voice of independent Baptists since 1960.
      ML Moser and the Central Baptist Church  
      features sermons, tracts, books and more.